FINMAN training course

FINMAN Training Course is developed based on data acquired by target groups belonging to 8 European countries so as to ensure that trainees’ needs are met not only concerning their countries but also the European Union as a whole. The partners examined the existing resources and built upon them, providing new ideas while handling and tackling current challenges and issues. Moreover, the topics of the course are defined by these groups and each problem is approached in an innovative way, that is from a practical point of view – with case studies, easy language and considering the lower knowledge barrier of future learners. Access Here


e-learning Environment

The e-learning platform hosts both the expert database and the training course itself. The innovation here lies on the fact that feedback is given in both directions, that is from experts to learners and vice versa. As a result, learners overcome the usual overload with information when it comes to complex matters. Furthermore, it is the gamification approach to the training course delivery as there are sets of activities and processes to solve problems by using or applying the characteristics of game elements. The online platform give access to broader audiences and provide more flexibility on the learning process since it give end users the opportunity to select and go in depth only on the topics that are of interest to them. Click here to join the platform



Pilot Testing and Finman Blueprint

The FINMAN blueprint gives an innovative approach to financial literacy training based on user-centred design and it includes best practices, examples and conclusions of both off and online piloting of the training content. Moreover, it contains practical guidelines for those who wish to build strategic partnerships in financial literacy training programs and recommendations to relevant institutions and policymakers on how to incorporate FINMAN training in different mainstream educational programs. FINMAN blueprint aims to demonstrate project impact, its scalability and the importance of the topic of financial literacy in different sectors and levels. Finally, the online pilot training evaluates the online training platform in terms of accessibility, functionality, design, user-friendliness and applicability of the developed digital tools. Click here to view the Blueprint.