Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an independent, voluntary public organization (non-profit organization) set up to support, promote, represent and protect the economic interests of its members and to promote market and economic relations for European and international integration for the region and the country.We provide a wide range of services to member and non-member companies to help develop their businesses, and establish international trade relations, as well as facilitating foreign investment projects implemented in the Ruse region.Among our activities, we are also lobbying local and central government and other public authorities to promote an understanding of the role and needs of the business.

Website: www.rcci.bg

The Emphasys Centre, was established in 1998, and operates as an Education, ICT Training Centre, Research and Software Development Centre. It is organized in 4 departments:The Education Department which offers validated and accredited IT courses.The ICT Training Department operating through the STEAM Unit which offers Robotics, Coding, 3D Modelling and Video Game courses, and the EU Training Unit providing a wide selection of Erasmus+ KA1 Learning Mobility Courses.The Research Department that focuses on EU projects under the Erasmus, AMIF, AAL, Justice Programmes.The Software Development Department which is involved in the development of various e-learning tools, games, platforms, websites, applications and assessment portals etc.Emphasys is an active member of the European Digital Learning Network (DLEARN).Director: Athos Charalambides. Legal Name: A & A Emphasys Interactive Solutions Ltd

Website: https://emphasyscentre.com/

UPI – ljudska univerza Žalec is a public, non-profit institution for education and training of adults in the Savinja Valley region, Slovenia. It is specialized in diverse range of formal (primary school for adults and vocational programs) and non-formal education programmes (computer, language, literacy programs, workshops and courses for free time, health, dance, and music etc.) Further, it provides quality guidance and counselling services to different target groups of adults such as the unemployed, migrants, NEETs, seniors, and adults in general. In our numerous national and international projects (Erasmus+) we closely work with stakeholders on the local, national as well as the European level. We are committed to the path of lifelong learning and constantly strive to improve our education programmes according to the needs of our target groups.

          Website: https://www.upi.si/

Coopération Bancaire pour l’Europe (CBE)  is a Brussels-based association of banks. CBE’s mission is to provide information and consulting services on EU policies and European and international funding programs and public tenders to its associated members and their clients. CBE also assist clients in the internationalization process, such as finding business partners.The main areas of activity are: informationon EU policies andfunding programmes for SME’s and public authorities, information and assistance on European and international public tenders,training on specific topics of interest to its Members and customers, advice and assistance in the elaboration and management of EU projects,contacts with the European Institutions and lobbying.

Website : https://cbe.be/

ENTERPRISE-UNIVERSITY OF ZARAGOZA FOUNDATION (FEUZ) is a non-profit Foundation that belongs to the Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza and to the University of Zaragoza. We work every day to deliver collaborative solutions which bring together the talent, knowledge, skills and resources of the University, entrepreneurs, public and private enterprises and institutions, liberal professionals, students and society in general for mutual enrichment, as well as greater efficiency in achieving the goal of addressing the needs of enterprises, institutions, students and the surrounding environment. We promote continuous improvement in both processes and skills, and strive to make the knowledge, experience, and strengths of each as shared as possible, helping us grow as institutions and as individuals.

website: https://www.feuz.es/

Atlantis Engineering is a Greek ICT SME that supports daily production activities in different factories with simple and advanced manufacturing systems, organization and computerisation of maintenance departments, customized maintenance consulting and training on asset life cycle optimization as well on ICT solutions. The company has successfully organized more than 100 Technical Departments of manufacturing companies, service companies, hospitals and ports. The company has considerable experience in vocational training projects, on-the-job training, work-based learning, workshop organisation, pilot testing and introduction of new products in the market as well as practice in market and competition analysis, feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis etc.

Website: https://atlantis-engineering.com/

Eurocrea Merchant is a management consulting firm, active also in research and training.Its mission is to improve the competitiveness and innovation of European society. To do this, Eurocrea Merchant focuses on three core business units that correspond to three teams of qualified experts. Firstly, as part of the Falco&Associati Group,it offers a constant support to the management and development of businesses and other local territorial entities. Secondly, it implements actions at local and European level to improve the education and training offer at all levels, thanks also to the promotion of active citizenship projects. It realizes studies and research on entrepreneurship education and innovation in training methodologies.Finally, its dedicated team works daily to ensure access to the best funding opportunities to support its projects and those of its customers.

Website: http://www.eurocreamerchant.it/en/

IDEC is a training consulting company located in Piraeus, Greece. Its activities consist of training, management consulting, quality assurance, evaluation and development of ICT solutions for both private and public sector. IDEC has been active the last 30 years in the field of EU projects. It has long experience in European policies regarding lifelong learning and in particular EQF, ECVET, Europass, EQAVET, validation of non-formal and informal learning and in national reforms of education and training systems.Our main areas of expertise are: management consulting, business plans, entrepreneurship, SMEs, quality management, certification, design of training contents based on ECVET, software and multimedia development, internet applications, distance learning, e-business and e-commerce.

Website: https://idec.gr/