ATLANTIS in Beyond 4.0 innovation conference

15 October 2021  Atlantis Engineering

Beyond 4.0 is the first international stage for Industry 4.0 in South Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and the MENA region. This year for the first time, the event was held in Thessaloniki, Greece where innovations in all aspects of life and cutting-edge technologies were presented. It offered a dedicated stage to everyone interested in innovation, consumer technologies, product launches and more. Participants and stakeholders had the chance to discuss the effect and opportunities of Industry 4.0 and accelerate the potential of key economic sectors. 

Atlantis Engineering SA attended the event following an interesting session and presentation which had as a main subject “FinTech & AI are changing Banking”. After the session, they were able to promote FINMAN project and discuss AI in economy with professionals and government officials. You can find out more about the event here.