Current status in Europe

According to the pre-analysis made by the FINMAN project consortium, it has never been easier to spend or invest money than nowadays. There are open markets, online shopping, traditional and modern investment opportunities, like stocks, shares and Bitcoins and almost everything is easily accessible via mobile technologies. On the other hand, we have an expansive banking sector that offers financing opportunities often poorly understood by the general public. In Europe, virtually every adult citizen has to operate with money in some capacity. Free movement and trade opportunities in the EU also promote transnational contacts and exchange, but very few people are familiar with the details of foreign country’s financing.

FINMAN project goal

Our goal is to provide financial education to the most disadvantaged people, who need this knowledge the most, before making major financial decisions and support them in order to make the ones which are the best for each one individually. For that reason, we intend to develop learning content, assessment tools and a trainer’s guide based on the identified knowledge gaps and skills needed. Moreover, all the material has the potential to reach even more people not only during the project but also outside of it, since it can be used for further initiatives, as well.

Courses We Offer


Learn how to organise and budget your finances properly, including tax planning while properly managing financial charges.

Cyber security when dealing with finances

Lack of knowledge makes you vulnerable to online threats. Be better prepared and protected by identity theft, phising and other common cybercrimes.

Savings and investment rates

Find out how to achieve proper financial management and develop competences to operate better with your finances in a wide range of fields.

Pensions, social security and thinking early about the future

The intense pressure on public pension systems leads individuals to shift to personal insurance systems. We offer higher levels of financial literacy in order to make the best decision for yourself.

Loans and mortgages

A great share of debt in the EU is made up of mortgage debt! Financial literacy can help understand the implications of debt problems, especially for young households and homeowners.

Personal and business budgeting

Gain knowledge and boost your confidence by getting a better understanding with regard to personal finance putting into practice practical elements included in the training course.

Online banking

Improve your digital competences and learn from scratch how to work and carry out most of the everyday transactions with finances online.

Salary and work contract elements

Increase your employability skills and learn everything you need to know about the work environment, especially before entering the job market for the first time.

Target Group


Young people under 30 with low financial literacy
School graduates, entering the job market for the first time
Unemployed people
Potential entrepreneurs
Older people